"Solution provider for High Accuracy Manual and Semi-Automatic Flip Chip Bonders and PCB Rework Tools"

Finetech offers innovative equipment solutions for nearly every kind of rework or micro assembly challenge, including the latest advanced packages. Photonics, Opto Bonding, Laser Diode Bars, LED's, VCSEL's, etc ..

Finetech offers the complete rework range, from simple hand soldering technology and basic entry-level rework systems to advanced rework and bonding equipment for complex applications.

Our Products

- Fineplacer lambda Flexible Die Bonder (up to 0.5u accuracy)

- Fineplacer pico ma Multi purpose Die Bonder (up to 5u accuracy)

- Fineplacer coreplus Cost Effective PCB Rework

- Other Products and Services

Applicable Industries

  • University Electronics, Material Science, Renewable Energy Groups
  • Contract PCB manufacturers and Electronic Repair and Rework Providers
  • Solar Industry Research and Development Departments