"Solution provider for state of the art Infra-red PCB Rework and Repair Stations for SMT, BGA, QFN rework solutions"

PDR manufactures some of the finest SMT, BGA, QFN rework systems and stations available worldwide.

Our BGA rework stations use PDR’s Focused IR technology developed specifically to deliver the highest performance and soldering quality as demanded by our 4000+ customers, many of the world's top names in electronics.

Our Products

- High End Evolution Systems

- Discovery Systems

- Handheld Systems

Key Benefits

    No Moving Gas
  • Thus no displaced components (ideal for 0201 and BGA components)
  • Able to heat with ease to temperatures high enough for Pb-free solders
    • Focused IR
  • Only component of interest is heated above the solder melting point and can be picked from the board with tweezers or vacuum tool
  • Eliminates the need for nozzles for different shaped components
  • Component is clearly visible throughout the procedure
    • Lead Free Future
  • Heat uniformity and temperature easily reach those required for lead free soldering
  • Samsung, Panasonic and Sony in the UK have approved PDR systems for lead free rework
    • PCB Heating
  • Our large area under-board IR heater ensures the PCB is heated evenly to reduce thermal board stresses
  • The board is heated to between 120°C and 150°C with the additional temperature required for re-flow coming from the focused IR tool
  • Actual board temperature is monitored by a digital thermometer, either manually or automatically in a control loop (optional)
  • Controlled heating provides steady, even board temperature without the need for excessive sensors and high powered heaters
  • PCB heating can be accurately controlled by computer software to simulate the conditions within a reflow oven (optional)
    • Work Holder
  • Light, unobtrusive, easily adjustable and easily removable when not in operation
    • Modular and Upgradeable
  • System can be upgraded to cater for increased alignment accuracy requirements.Fast and easy to use (one size fits all)
  • Applicable Industries

  • PCB, Consumer Electronics, Mobile Phones, Repair and Rework Centres
  • Military, Aeronautical and Industrial Soldering, Repair and Maintenance
  • Contract PCB Assembly, Rework and Repair Providers
  • University, Hobby and Kit Soldering Requirements
  • Electronics and Motor Workshops