"Solution provider for difficult soldering and thermal management applications"

American Beauty is a US producer of quality soldering equipment, focused on solving customer's challenging soldering needs.

Resistance Soldering Systems generate intense heat directly at the point of contact, allowing users to overcome significant heat sink problems.

Our Products

- High Power Resistive Soldering Units for Industrial Applications

- Soldering Irons, Stations and Spare Parts handheld with optional temperature control

- Heavy Duty, High Output Soldering Irons and Industrial solder Pots

Key Benefits

  • Fast and Easy to Use
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Applicable Industries

  • Military, Aeronautical and Industrial Soldering, Repair and Maintenance
  • Contract PCB Assembly, Rework and Repair Providers
  • University, Hobby and Kit Soldering Requirements
  • PCB Repair and Rework Centres
  • Electronics and Motor Workshops