"Leading manufacturer of solders, high quality anodes, alloys, wires, flux and cleaners for the electronics industry"

The head office of Balver Zinn Josef Jost GmbH & Co. KG is situated in Balve in a region in Germany.

The company is a leading manufacturer of solders, high-quality anodes, alloys and wires for the electronic industry and surface refinement applications. Lead free products for the electronic industry are one of the core competencies of the company.

Our Products

- Wave Soldering Flux VOC, VOC free and Low VOC flux

- Selective Soldering Flux VOC and Low VOC flux

- Solder Wire Various diameter and flux for every application

- Solder Paste Various alloys and flux

- Cleaners For board cleaning

Key Benefits

  • Innovative Products designed for all soldering applications
  • Pb-Free products
  • High Quality Products
  • Applicable Industries

  • Military, Aeronautical and Industrial Soldering, Repair and Maintenance
  • Contract PCB Assembly, Rework and Repair Providers
  • University, Hobby and Kit Soldering Requirements
  • PCB Repair and Rework Centres
  • Electronics and Motor Workshops
  • Product Data Sheets (PDS)& Safety Data Sheets (SDS)