"Solution provider for Semi-conductor Processing Equipment, Mask Aligners, Resist Spin Coaters and Developers, Substrate Bonders, Mask Cleaners, Laser Processing Tools "

The SUSS MicroTec Group is a leading supplier of equipment and process solutions for microstructuring applications with more than sixty years of engineering experience.

The solution portfolio covers all performance relevant steps for wafer processing ranging from coating, baking, developing, aligning to wafer bonding as well as photomask cleaning equipment. It is complemented by specialized add-ons such as nanoimprint lithography tools and optical lenses.

The production of memory chips, cameras for mobile phones or tire pressure sensors – the equipment solutions of SUSS MicroTec are applied within a wide variety of manufacturing processes for applications of daily or industrial use. Customers in the semiconductor industry and related markets like MEMS and LED appreciate our comprehensive experience in wafer processing. This makes us a valuable partner for high-volume production as well as for research and development.

Our Products

- Mask Aligners

- Resist Coaters and Developers

- Wafer Bonders

- Mask Processing

- Metrology Systems

- Laser Processing

- Projection Scanner

- Remanufactured Equipment

Applicable Industries

  • University Electronics, Material Science, Renewable Energy Groups
  • Solar Industry Research and Development Departments
  • Semi-conductor Manufacturing and Research
  • MEMS and Micro-fluidics Research and Development
  • Nano-imprint Research and Development