AIRBRASIVE Jet Technology

"Solution provider for quality Abrasive Tools and Materials"

AIRBRASIVE JET TECHNOLOGIES (formerly SSWhite Technologies) provides a range of "AIRBRASIVE" products to cater to all types of applications, from small scale low volume abrading to high volume, large area engineering applications.

Airbrasive Micro Blasting Abrasive Technology provides a versatile precision system to texture, abrade, deburr, etch, clean and restore.

Our Products

- 6500 Series II Economical, Portable, All Pneumatic System

- Model K Economical, Versatile System

- Model H High End, Continuous Duty System

- Model HME High End, High Precision System



- Work Chambers

Applicable Industries

  • Aeronautical and Marine Craft Repair Groups
  • University Electronics, Material Science, Renewable Energy Groups
  • Contract PCB manufacturers and Electronic Repair and Rework Providers
  • Solar Industry Research and Development Departments