YES -Yield Engineering Systems

"Solution provider for wafer preparation, silanization, vacuum bake, image reversal, plasma cleaning tools"

YES manufactures equipment for a variety of processes including vacuum curing, plasma cleaning, resist removal, surface modification, anti-stiction coatings, silane chemical vapor deposition and other specialized applications.

YES has proven to withstand the test of time with products that increase yields, extend performance, and improve processes. All equipment is engineered, manufactured and tested in Livermore, California USA. The answer is YES to quality, flexibility, superior products and service!

Our Products

- Vapour Deposition Systems 1224P and LabKote Series

- Vacuum Bake Systems TA Series

- Plasma Cleaning Systems G Series

- Plasma Strip / Descum Systems CV200 Series

- Vacuum Cure Ovens 450 & VertaCure Series

Applicable Industries

  • University Electronics, Material Science, Renewable Energy Groups
  • High Tech Product Development and Research
  • Contract PCB manufacturers and Electronic Repair and Rework Providers
  • Solar Industry Research and Development Departments